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mobilemojo Mobileweb Template

Using the mobilemojo mobileweb templates for Oxid eShops, customers are enabled to browse with ease on their smartphones in your product range and order products mobile.

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mobilemojo Mobileweb Template offers multiple features for mobile shopping.

  • Calling up your onlineshop on a mobile browser, clients are directly forwarded to the mobile pages
  • The access takes places on the liveshop product data
  • Therefore registration and orders are directly transferred to your webshop. The login happens with the existing account of the webshop
  • Mobile  templates are optimized  concerning functionality and design. Big buttons, readable font size and color adjusted user prompting are showing the essential features.
  • Considering the screen size, product illustration will be adapted dynamically. That means high resolution displayes on  iPad  and Android tablets will  show a  far much better product exposure than displays of smaller mobile devices
  • The wishlist shows all  favorite products of the customer on every platform. Thus customers have access to the same favorite products online and mobile.
  • A simple and clean checkout process conducts a quick order finalization


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