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Tablet Packen - Packliste

Finally pack with the tablet from the OXID backend. With no printing costs!

from 49,00€


Who knows the oxid standard packing list and uses as a paper form, will have probably been upset about the high cost of printing.
oxpack is a packing list, which can be operated easily and without any printing directly from the tablet.

  • Suitable tablet
  • Saves printing costs
  • My Admin page with its own menu:

    Pack: Currently to be packed orders Packed today: All orders that were packed today (control)

  • "Pack" page

    There are all packed and not yet paid orders displayed. Here all products are individually marked as packed. If all the items are packed, the order can be finally marked as packed. It is then no longer displayed.

  • "Packed today" page

    On this page, all orders will be listed above the control which were packed today.

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