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  • Category: Search, Navigation and Filters
  • Active since: 2015-10-30
  • Vendor: Zunderweb
  • Available for: CE
  • Compatibility: 4.8.x - 4.9.x
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Search XL CE

Fault-tolerant search with Ajax Livesearch and After-Search Filtering with module "Multifilter XL"

from 299,00€

Fault-tolerant search for OXID eShop, featuring real livesearch, displaying the first results while your customers are typing.

Additionally, search results will be ordered according to their relevance, so a search for "kite gt" will first display any articles that have "kite" AND "gt" in the article title, and articles that have "kite" only in description or tags further down.

Articles can also be "pushed" to display them in front of the other search results.

The real beauty of this extension reveals when used together with our filter module "Ajax Multifilter XL". When both modules are used, Filtering is extended to search results and manufacturer pages. Using our intelligent category filter the customer can browse through categories with search and filtering still active. This gives the possibility to narrow down search or manufacturer results to get to the products that the customer is really looking for.

Demoshop: http://zunderweb.de/demoshops/multifilter_xl

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Tags: search, livesearch, filter, fault tolerant, ajax, after search


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