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Simply fill the shopping cart by specifying the item numbers via QR-Code or Link.

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Zaxxo Cart Filler – Adding various items at once with a single click into the shopping cart – CE / EE

Simplify placing orders in your online shop for your customers with the Zaxxo Cart Filler. It allows your customers to add various items to their shopping cart by just clicking once.


-        Ordering via QR-Code

Reordering consumables over and over again is very time-consuming. Every item has to be found online and put into the shopping cart… The Zaxxo Cart Filler allows your customers to place orders in seconds. The system generates QR-Codes, that can be put onto relevant products. The customer then can scan the code, pick the number of items desired and order directly. There’s nothing faster than that!

-        From the landing page straight into the shopping cart


Landing pages promote special offers or products. Clicking on every product desired and placing it in the shopping cart costs valuable time… The Zaxxo Cart Filler generates special hyperlinks, by which your customers can add the promoted goods to cart with one click.


-        One click from your written offer to the shopping cart


The Zaxxo Cart Filler generates links and QR-Codes, that place the offered products directly in the shopping cart, without big effort. After signing up and picking the payment method your customers can order within a few seconds.


Advantages of the Zaxxo Cart Filler

-        Placing an order with various items by clicking once or via QR-Code.

-        Significantly shortened checkout process and lower rate of leaving customers.

-        Sending out or release special offers / configurations / product compilations online, via link or as a landing page.

-        Automated generation of links and QR-Codes, that lead directly to the shopping cart.

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