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  • Category: SEO
  • Active since: 2013-09-03
  • Available for: EE, PE
  • Compatibility: 6.0.x - 6.4.x
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Modul für die flexible manuelle und automatische Erstellung von Metatags

from 500,00€

Optimized Metatags for OXID eShops, better Visibility, better CTR.

Some of the many possibilities of the module:

    Manipulation and output of variables    Shortening, word selection, capitalization of variables    definition of templates for building metatags    manual further processing and re-tagging of metatags    various internal checks of tags    internal Google preview    and much more.This Module is the most advanced OXID Shop Metatag Module on the market.

Detailed information can be found at https://www.webtools.de/metatags.html

No EULA uploaded, general EULA terms according to OXID eXchange terms and conditions apply.

Tags: seo, onpage, metatags


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