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Diamond Search v0.4.0 CE

Diamond Search - Simply brilliant out-of-the-box search engine for OXID eShop!


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  • Search by all relevant article fields, categories, manufacturers, vendors, variants selections and attributes
  • Search field auto-complete function with personalized search hints feature
  • Configurable search filters and special price range filter
  • Unlimited Multi-shops and multilingual shops support
  • No server configuration, no integrations, no setup or indexing effort - just install the module and activate it!
  • Articles will index for first time and re-index on changes automatically
  • Excellent performance even with large amount of articles
  • Easily configurable search options in administration back-end
  • Customize fields to search by, set ranking options, add Your custom fields
  • Lots of useful search settings to match Your needs
  • Monitor page to track indexing process, index contents and search statistics
  • Configurable advanced search form
  • Promotion articles feature

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