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FATCHIP OXID Afterbuy Connector

Connect your OXID-eShop with your Afterbuy account


With the OXID-eShop Plugin, you can connect your shop with your Afterbuy account. You can switch between two different modes: Wether you dicide, that your data leading system shall be OXID-eShop or Afterbuy. Depending on that setting, you can do the following operations


  • Simple installation
  • Simple configuration but yet configurable deeply
  • Logging mechanism
  • Setting OXID as data leading system:
    • Articleexport
    • Orderimport
    • Orderstatusexport
  • Setting Afterbuy as data leading system:
    • Articleimport
    • Orderexport
    • Orderstatusimport


Our plugins are delivered open-source and are tested up to PHP 7.1. Please fill out the PDF in the download section and send it - including a proof of payment - to us, preferably via email.

The FATCHIP OXID shop plugins for OXID’s PE can be implemented in OXID CE without any problems. For further information on CE compatibility please visit our FATCHIP Wiki.

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