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JTL-Connector Extended - Support & Service

JTL-Connector is an interface between JTL ERP System and OXID eShop. itratos offers support, service, and the advanced features for use with OXID and its module extensions

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More success in the e-commerce with support by itratos

Connections to the JTL-Wawi with little effort and on a budget are already possible.But store operators want to be looked after individually and need help if something does not work right away – for the simple JTL connector software is not enough.

Who is clever, relies therefore on the JTL-connector - software service & support - by itratos.

The JTL connector is based on the out of the box approach including basic functions of the OXID eShop already supports, but not sufficiently the for an online store operator.

itratos's mission made the experiences the knowledge from the development of the previous connector J2OX which approx. 400 OXID eShop operators in use since 2012.Since June 2016 itratos is service partner of JTL-software and focuses exclusively on the development, function complement and support of the JTL connector.

The additions include E.g. the media files, transferring discounts/surcharges for payment, or vouchers in the ordering process at JTL-Wawi, as well as many other important functions.

Get some advice, even if you plan the transition of our "J2OX" to the JTL Connector.

Scope of services:

Get the current connector incl. support by itratos for a year. All further details refer to the enclosed summary of services and the support contract, which guarantees our promises.

No EULA uploaded, general EULA terms according to OXID eXchange terms and conditions apply.

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