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  • Category: Product Marketing
  • Active since: 2017-11-13
  • Vendor: myboshi GmbH
  • Available for: CE
  • Compatibility: 4.10.x - 6.0.x
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Nosto integration module

Connects Nosto to the oxide EShop.

from 99,00€

About Nosto

Nosto offers its multi-channel online personalization solution for online retailers worldwide, aiming to create a fully personalized customer journey. By analyzing hundreds of thousands of data points in online stores to build a deep understanding of every customer in real-time, Nosto’s patented technology empowers retailers to present the right product ads to the right users at the right time. By delivering highly relevant personalized product recommendations on websites, mobile apps, emails and social ads, Nosto maximize conversion, average order value and customer retention.

About the module

The module forms an interface between the Big Data solution from Nosto and your Oxid E-Shop. The module records all required parameters, so that the articles as well as the actions of the users are tracked and transferred directly after the integration.

Cumbersome programming is a thing of the past! We deliver the module open source. Adjustments must therefore be carried out at any time.



  • fixed bugs in api product upload
  • tested for PE version of oxid eshop


  • implement options to be conformable to gdpr


  • first version, which is available for Oxid 4 and Oxid 6
  • small improvements


  • added new backend option (api)
  • added new settings API E-Mail (strNostoEMailToken)
  • added new settings API Products (strNostoProductToken)
  • removed old api token (strNostoAPItoken)


  • added setting to use masterzoompicture instead of generated product pictures
  • added setting to exclude categories from tracking
  • fixed a few bugs


  •  fixed several bugs


  • initial release

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