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3D Viewer-Configurator PRO

The 3D Viewer Configurator presenting products in your eShop easily and quickly.

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The 3D Viewer Configurator provides an interactive 3D display of products and objects directly in the browser. The configurator visually helps to mature purchasing decisions from the first moment because many customers get their questions already answered about a product by seeing it interactively.

The 3D Viewer Konfigurator is a new and unique presentation technology for all products. On the very first visit of your website or eShop, the user gets an intense Aha experience which strongly, positively distinguishes your website from your competitors.

Dealers and salespeople get the 3D Viewer Konfigurator is an effective marketing tool and advice on hand. It is accessible over the Internet and operable by its cross-system functionality with all major end devices.

No matter if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android, a Mac or PC, the 3D Viewer simply runs.

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