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  • Category: Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Active since: 2019-06-17
  • Vendor: ESYON GmbH
  • Available for: EE, PE
  • Compatibility: 5.3.x - 6.1.x
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PERFION-2-OXID PIM Integration

With Perfion-2-OXID you get the optimal solution to automatically publish your centrally maintained product data from the Perfion PIM system to your OXID eShop. In future, you will only have to manage your product information in Perfion.

from 5.000,00€

Manage and record all product information in a single system and publish it automatically in your online shop. With Perfion-2-OXID we offer you the optimal solution for central product data management and seamless connection to your OXID eShop. In this way, product data can be transferred to the web shop quickly and without any loss of information.

Functional overview:

  • Seamless integration into your existing systems
  • Transfer of product master data from Perfion to the OXID eShop incl. product hierarchies
  • Integrated filter function for partial import of product data and properties
  • Multilingual import can be mapped without any problems
  • Automated synchronization of your product information and master data
  • Live API for loading media and data
  • Optional transmission of data in real time

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Download additional file

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