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  • Active since: 2012-06-15
  • Vendor: FATCHIP GmbH
  • Available for: EE, PE
  • Compatibility: 6.0.x - 6.5.x
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FATCHIP Tradebyte 2 OXID Connector

The Tradebyte 2 OXID Connector links Tradebyte with your OXID eShop.

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The FATCHIP Tradebyte 2 OXID Connector links Tradebyte with your OXID eShop. Tradebyte REST API is used; with that, the fetch times can be defined shop-sidedly.


1. Product import

There are products in Tradebyte and it is used as primary system. There is an OXID channel as well. The FATCHIP connector makes sure that OXID eShop is filled with the data from Tradebyte. It is possible to carry out the whole product data maintenance in Tradebyte without having to rework them in OXID eShop. Products from TB.Market and TB.One can be loaded into OXID eShop.

2. Order export

Orders from OXID eShop can be transferred to Tradebyte with the Tradebyte 2 OXID Connector.

3. Ordering status import

As soon as the status of the order is changed in Tradebyte (delivered, cancelled...), the information can be transferred to OXID eShop with the Tradebyte 2 OXID Connector in order for the customer to be able to see the status of their order within their personal area.


  • Products from Tradebyte can be transferred to OXID eShop
  • Orders from OXID eShop are transferred to Tradebyte
  • Status of order (e.g. delivered or cancelled) is transferred to OXID eShop
  • Categorization via OXID channel in Tradebyte
  • Extensive import configuration in the OXID admin
  • In the test mode, local XMLs can be processed
  • Synchronization of the data records can be configured (adding or deleting of data records)
  • Handling of variations is adjusted during the import to OXID
  • Export of orders from OXID eShop can shop-sidedly be controlled via Cronjob
  • Export of orders can be configured (export of paid or all orders)
  • Import of orders’ status changes can shop-sidedly be controlled via Cronjob
  • Configuration of the XML archiving (archiving or deleting of processed XMLs)
  • Data statistics and importlog in the OXID admin
  • Compatible with TB.Cat 1.2
  • Multilingualism – Supported values are output in English as well


Our plugins are delivered open-source and are tested up to PHP 7.0. Please fill out the PDF in the download section and send it - including a proof of payment - to us, preferably via email.

The FATCHIP OXID shop plugins for OXID’s PE can be implemented in OXID CE without any problems. For further information on CE compatibility please visit our FATCHIP Wiki.

No EULA uploaded, general EULA terms according to OXID eXchange terms and conditions apply.

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Download additional file

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