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Check+Collect Credit checks + debt collection

A plugin to help organise your risk and receivables management developed by ADU-Inkasso.


Your debt collection specialist in e-commerce: Cost-effective credit checks, risk management and excellent debt collection with Check+Collect.

Cost-effective credit checks (Check): The integrated request solution can be customised to meet your needs in the Check+Collect plugin. Plugin users have the option of not only performing individual credit checks, but are also able to manage risks automatically and restrict the selection of certain payment types as required in the checkout process.

Certified debt collection (Collect): The Check+Collect plugin is user-friendly and easy to integrate meaning that outstanding receivables can be administered and managed straight from the online shop. The file overview shows the latest status of the debt collection process for each receivable as well as details of the debt collection steps previously carried out.

Allgemeiner Debitoren- und Inkassodienst GmbH (ADU-Inkasso) is a certified debt collection company specialising in e-commerce. We assist retailers to successfully collect the receivables owed to them by offering a diverse range of interface solutions. ADU-Inkasso manages both out-of-court and court-based debt collection processes for its clients along with then subsequently monitoring debt collection without the need for any membership or annual fees. ADU-Inkasso is a member of the Federal Association of German Debt Collection Companies (BDIU) and Schufa. We require you to register to be able to use the services which ADU-Inkasso provides. Once the online registration form is completed, we will then send you the relevant contractual documentation which is needed to set up your assignment. The requirements to install the Check+Collect plugin are as follows: OXID-Version >= 4.9.4 PHP-Version 5.6 MySQL version is 5.0.33.

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