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Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay enables you to offer your customers a seamless, fast, convenient and secure purchasing experience; so you can help lift basket conversion, acquire new customers and turn browsers into buyers on your shop. Included in core as of OXID 6!


Included in core as of OXID 6!

Registrate Amazon Pay

Pay with Amazon is fast, easy and secure and can help you add new customers, increase sales, and reduce fraud costs. It provides a seamless experience for your customers. All buyer interactions take place in widgets, so they never leave your site. Customers simply log in using their Amazon credentials, select a shipping address and payment method, and confirm their order

The Login and Pay with Amazon for Oxideshop extension adds two components to your OxideShop installation:

  • from version 3.3.0 on the PSD2 EU directive for strong customer authentication (SCA) 
  • A ‘Login with Amazon’ module that allows customers to seamlessly register and log in using their Amazon account credentials.
  • A payments module ‘Pay with Amazon’ that allows customers to complete the checkout using the payment methods stored in their Amazon account.

Enable Login and Pay with Amazon on your OXID eShop, you will benefit from:

  • Online identity

Your customers save time and hassle by using their Amazon credentials to login and pay; so you increase repeat buyers by offering a trusted and convenient payment method.

  • A smooth payment process

Your customers won’t leave your website to login or enter their payment/shipping information; so you capture sales from buyers who are reluctant to enter their information.

You will need to create an Amazon Payments Seller Account to use the Pay with Amazon for OXID eShop extension. This account is where you will receive payments, update your account settings and view settlement reports.

For online merchants from Germany, please register here.

For online merchants from the UK, please register here

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