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  • Category: Shop Admin
  • Active since: 2016-01-08
  • Vendor: exonn GmbH
  • Available for: EE, PE
  • Compatibility: 4.9.x/5.2.x
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EXONN Modul-Connector PE, EE

EXONN module connector installed new modules and the modules already installed are brought up to date.


Our OXID module connector is now available for you ready to install! Our modules are constantly evolving, new features are added, bugs (errors) be corrected. To ensure that all our customers benefit from these changes, we have made it our mission to develop a module connector for OXID eShop!

What can the module connector and what advantages you have as a shop operator through the use of EXONN module connector?

The EXONN module connector has very important tasks, namely to install modules and to keep already installed modules up to date!

Once the module connector is installed, you will see all the available modules, which support you in your daily business operations such as in shipping, in selling on eBay or Amazon, Google Shopping Product Listing, accounting and more.

All available modules you can install via mouse click and test 30 days for free!

Even if your OXID eShop have updated to a new version, you do not need any more agency to draw up the new installation of the modules, this done for you the module connector.

Benefits and features include:

  • No more installation costs
  • Install modules with a mouse click
  • All modules are available as 30-day trial
  • Modules Update Service 

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