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FATCHIP OXID Plugin Google-XML-Sitemap

The easiest way to a constantly updated Google-XML-Sitemap.

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The easiest way to a constantly updated Google-XML-Sitemap.

One of the first questions coming up regarding search engine optimization, is: "Do you have a Google XML Sitemap?". Such a site map is essential in order to make Google understand where to find what in the online shop.

Maintaining such a site map is often laborious and associated with long-term maintenance, especially if you have an extensive product portfolio. In order not to be obliged to keep the site maps up to date on your own, many shop owners use time-controlled services to update the maps.

All this is not necessary with the FATCHIP OXID Google Sitemap plugin. The plugin just needs to be installed in the OXID shop. Afterwards, the dynamic site map can be called up in various languages. The site map provides current data on your categories, manufacturers, product keywords and products. It is also possible to attach an own static site map to refer to specific pages or a connected blog.

All site map types can be conveniently enabled or disabled in the admin settings, depending on what you want to specify in your site map. Also, the priorities and collection frequencies can be specified in the site map configuration.


  • Easy installation
  • Complete configuration within the admin area
  • After having installed the Google XML Sitemap plugin, the site map can be accessed under http://www.your-shop.de/sitemaps/sitemap-index.xml
  • No maintenance required
  • Complete EE-compatibility (multi shops)
  • Multi-languages site maps
  • Management of more than a million products possible
  • Setting of priorities regarding page types
  • Displaying of product links in main categories adjustable
  • Setting of update interval for page types is possible
  • Selectable display mode for products: "only SEO addresses" and "hybrid treatment"
  • Displaying of variations adjustable
  • Own specific links can be provided in a static site map
  • Links in the static sitemap can be optionally assigned to a language
  • The product links can be provided optionally


Our plugins are delivered open-source and are tested up to PHP 5.6. Please fill out the PDF in the download section and send it - including a proof of payment - to us, preferably via email.

The FATCHIP OXID shop plugins for OXID’s PE can be implemented in OXID CE without any problems. For further information on CE compatibility please visit our FATCHIP Wiki.

No EULA uploaded, general EULA terms according to OXID eXchange terms and conditions apply.

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