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OXID eShop App

Extend your service to mobile devices and create closer customer loyalty. The app accesses all relevant information of your existing OXID eShop, so that all channels can be managed in one system.

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Why the OXID eShop App​ from ESYON? 

The OXID eShop App extends your existing OXID eShop with a version for mobile devices. Built-in functions, such as barcode scanners, can be used by end customers and enrich the digital shopping experience. All standard functions of the shop system and the Visual CMS can be used without restriction. Give your customers the freedom to access your shop cross-platform and with the same login, to share shopping baskets among several participants or to place orders at different times. 

Facts & Features of the OXID eShop App​

Customer & product management in one system 

The OXID eShop App receives customer and product data directly from OXID. 

Common Login 

The login of your end customers can be done cross-platform with an existing customer account. 

Order & Checkout 

The same payment and delivery options apply as in the webshop. Downstream processes, such as data transfer to the ERP system, are supported throughout. 

Administration in OXID 

Prerequisite for the use of the OXID eShop App is an existing OXID eShop and is managed centrally. The data synchronisation takes place in real-time via an API interface.


Use your app in different language versions. 

Saving resources 

Small-scale ordering processes are optimised, resulting in resource savings for all parties involved. 

Offline capability 

End customers can also access the app without an existing Internet connection.

Usage independent of turnover

In addition to the monthly basic price, there are no fees based on the turnover of your shop.

Android and IOs compatible

Offer your end customers a mobile channel, both for Android and IOs.

About ESYON 

ESYON is an international provider of individual e-commerce and IT solutions. As a certified partner for OXID, Microsoft Dynamics and Perfion, we realise the integration of shops with ERP and PIM systems. 

Contact us

MO-FR from 08:00 - 17:00


Karl-Heine-Strasse 99 04229 Leipzig, Germany

Phone: +49 341 6049 7007 

Web: esyon.net

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