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  • Category: Product Marketing
  • Active since: 2019-11-15
  • Vendor: uptain GmbH
  • Available for: EE, PE
  • Compatibility: 6.0.x - 6.1.x
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All-in-one Conversion Optimization PE/EE

uptain offers all-in-one conversion optimization and uses the strengths of modern data processing, big data benchmarks and automated A/B tests.


About 70% of your customers abandon shopping with a full shopping cart. Use this revenue potential for your online shop.



Prevent shopping cart abandonment before it happens. Intelligent Exit-Intent pop-ups offer your shop visitors exactly the right incentive that leads to a successful order.


If a customer has left the shop with a filled shopping cart, you can send him personalized cart abandonment emails in order to returm the customer back to the shop. The emails are, of course, completely GDPR-compliant.

Opt-In Generation

Gain more subscribers with compelling newsletter pop-ups. This way you can transform your visitors into potential existing customers. Of course, there is an integration for the most common newsletter tools.


Payment models

An uptain ID is required to use the plugin. You will receive this from the service team after you have decided on one of the models.

uptain offers transparent and success-oriented payment models:

1) Lead

2) Commission (most popular!)

3) Flat-fee

No contract period. No fixed costs.

Calculate your individual commission rate using our online calculator: https://uptain.de/en/pricing/

If you wish to use one of the other models, simply contact our experts: https://uptain.de/en/contact/

Why uptain?

uptain uses real-time data processing to react quickly and effectively to shopping cart abandonment. This allows you to use the traffic on your website from the very first minute in order to perform better.

Conversion Optimization

Increase your conversion rate without great effort by automatically recovering up to 30% of your shopping cart abandoners.

More customers

Take advantage of the potential behind shopping cart abandonment and convert approximately 30% of your shopping cart abandoners into profitable conversions.

Up to 10% more revenue

With the help of our solutions you can increase your revenue sustainably by up to 10%.

Relief of IT

Our solutions adapt effortlessly to your corporate design - without IT or design knowledge.

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