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pixi* OXID Interface

Birectional interface between OXID and mailorder software pixi*. Main functions are impert of articles, improt of orders and export of stock data and changes in order state.

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With the mailorder software pixi*, specially designed for e-commerce, mad geniuses developed a complete e-commerce-backend-system that broadly meets online-market demands and thereby covers merchandise management and all central business processes. pixi* is a high-performance, scalable mail order software for e-commerce, which can be customised to your individual needs, allowing efficient execution of orders simply and intuitively. pixi* enables all standardised e-commerce processes to be as far as possible automated. The remaining processes are sufficiently standardized within pixi*. With pixi*’s unique process for assembling orders and its associated just-in-time functionality, your requirements for warehouse space and inventories will reduce significantly. The time to turn around orders will drop, in some cases by a factor of ten. For this reason, pixi* is the ideal solution for larger established e-commerce businesses as well as those who are just starting. For more information’s: www.pixi.eu

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Tags: warehousing, pixi, mail order software, logistics, inventory management, erp, e commerce


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