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  • PayPal PLUS

    With the new PayPal PLUS everything becomes a lot easier: For the first time you can offer your customers the four most favoured payment methods – secure and from a... more

    EE, PE 4.10.x/5.3.x-6.0.x Free
  • FATCHIP OXID Paymorrow Connector

    With this interface, the payment type 'purchase on account' can be integrated in your OXID eShop.

    EE, PE 4.2.x-5.3.x Free
  • Wirecard Checkout Page

    Wirecard Checkout Page supports all popular payment methods (credit cards, SEPA Direct Debit, invoice, etc.) and allows to safely accept payments while at the same... more

    CE 4.9.x-5.3.x Free
  • Invoice via e-mail + Download

    Send e-mails of a button from the shop backend or automatically by order or shipping confirmation to your customers - or / and you allow your customers to download... more

    EE, PE 4.9.x-6.0.x from 50,00€ plus VAT
  • RatePAY Payment Modul for OXID EE,PE

    RatePAY is a service provider offering safe online payment methods which can easily and quickly be implemented into online shops.

    EE, PE 4.7.x/5.0.x-4.9.x/5.2.x Free
  • Komfortkasse PE/EE

    Automatic payment matching for payments via bank transfer (prepayment, invoice, cash on delivery)

    EE, PE 4.0.x-5.3.x Free
  • mcn Commerce (PE Version) (Mac OS X | Windows)

    ERP-System for Mac OS X and Windows, Interface for Oxid CE, optimized for automatic mass-operations, CRM, ERP and Production Modules" "

    PE 4.5.x from 1.590,00€ plus VAT
  • Gutschrift / oxrefund CE

    Not everything runs smoothly from e-commerce. Sometimes credit invoices are necessary due to various reasons.

    CE 4.10.x-4.9.x from 149,00€ plus VAT
  • Order Docs CE

    OXID module for PDF files for invoices and delivery reports.

    CE 4.7.x-4.9.x from 19,00€ plus VAT
  • Komfortkasse CE

    Automatic payment matching for payments via bank transfer (prepayment, invoice, cash on delivery) (CE edition)

    CE 5.3.x Free
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