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  • Category: Product Marketing
  • Active since: 2012-08-28
  • Vendor: top concepts ...
  • Available for: EE, PE
  • Compatibility: 4.7.x/5.0.x - 6.0.x
  • Certified extension
  • 0 Customer reviews

CleverReach Connector - OXID PE/EE

Certified extension

This extension exports any relevant information quickly and easily from your OXID eShop to CleverReach®. With help of this data you can now start targeted marketing.


The exported data allows you to address exactly the right target groups you want to reach with your newsletters. 

  • With help of e-mail campaigns you can generate more orders and sales
  • Inform customers about news
  • Extensive studies show the success in real time
  • Talk to your customers personally

Requirement: CleverReach® AccountRegistration: http://www.cleverreach.de/frontend/?rk=20438hvssgrhk

The extension uses the powerful CleverReach® REST API v2 and also offers a CSV export. Both e-mail recipients and purchases can be submitted to CleverReach®. Even the CleverReach® "My Content" - Interface is implemented, so you can drag and drop shop products into your mailings.

You may contact top concepts support team for paid assistance during installation and usage of the software. Write to: [email protected]

No EULA uploaded, general EULA terms according to OXID eXchange terms and conditions apply.

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