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ShopFacer® is your shop-connector for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other communities.

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Hint: this module is available only as a subsciption and causes running charges.

ShopFacer® presents the products of your online shop on your Facebook- Companysite. You decide which products you want to show on facebook and in seconds your shop builds up according to the decicions you made. Of course, with dynamic navigation.

ShopFacer® tweets your latest company news. Either write even a handy message and tweet this comfortable from the Shopfacer management cockpit.

Or you let write. Because this is a breeze for ShopFacer®. He independently selects a product from your shop, ensures that its a different one everytime, grabs the link to the product and tweets all together.Depending on the specified time you chose before. Correct and reliably, day after day, year in and year out.

Fully automatic ShopFacer® produces Youtube videos from your product rage. With headers, credits, and their Shop-adress . Just like in the movies. You only have to select the actor: your most beautiful products. The rest is one by ShopFacer®.

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