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Speed4Trade CONNECT

Trading online successfully. Automated. Across all Channels. Sales Backoffice for Oxid, eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, and more.

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Speed4Trade CONNECT – eCommerce-Software

Integrated processes for online shops, eBay, Amazon & Co.

The software solution Speed4Trade CONNECT is the flexible eCommerce integration platform for automated sales order processing through online shops and online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, OTTO & Co. The middleware Speed4Trade CONNECT works ideally in conjunction with an existing ERP system. Medium-sized traders and top brand manufacturers profit from streamlined processes along the entire value chain - from product information management (PIM) to item listing, inventory management, order processing up to the aftersales. The result is a complete Omni-Channel system.


Speed4Trade CONNECT stands for:

·   Bundled sales channels: Automated sale via eBay, Amazon & Co. through deep integration

·   Future-Proof: Modularly scalable and tailor-made eCommerce for swift response and expansion strategies

·   Open for ERP-Systems: Smooth integration of eCommerce processes into the ERP user interface

·   Control center: User-friendly cockpit for cross-channel sales

·   Product data management: Enhancement of data driven product ranges (PIM functionality)

·   Central attribute management: Optimal visibility through filterable product attributes

·   Automation: Highly dynamic price management, interactive stock matching (controls inventory and distribution across all channels), powerful automatisms eliminate manual operations

·   Compatible with partner solutions within the entire value chain (such as ERP, logistics or payment) based on variably programmable interfaces (API)

·   Successfully tested with well-known companies from trade and industry: references 

Overview of all supported shop systems in Speed4Trade CONNECT: online shop integration

Overview of all supported marketplaces in Speed4Trade CONNECT: marketplace integration

Overview of established ERP integrations with Speed4Trade CONNECT: ERP connections 

Prices: Starting from 330.00€ monthly plus 3,500.00 € one-time setup costs - No transfer fees!

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