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  • Category: ERP Interface
  • Active since: 2019-06-12
  • Vendor: exonn GmbH
  • Available for: CE
  • Compatibility: 4.10.x/5.3.x - 6.1.x
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Connector for exonn ERP and OXID eShop

exonn ERP-system is designed for online trading and automatically handles almost all your daily work in the online business.


The exonn ERP system is designed for online trading and takes over almost all of your daily work in the online business in an automated manner.


  • Banking (collect your banking transactions and automatically post them)
  • Accounting (accounting records, general ledger accounts, open items, etc.)
  • SEPA
  • Warehouse management (manage inventory, complete article maintenance from one system, record goods movements)
  • Sales (create and generate sales orders directly in the system, process sales orders fully automatically)
  • Shipping processing (enter your access data from the shipping service provider and print the shipping labels)
  • Shipping via DB Schenker
  • E-POST (send offers, invoices, reminders by post from the system)
  • statistics
  • eBay / Amazon marketplaces (place your articles including descriptions, pictures and various data directly on eBay and Amazon. Orders are imported fully automatically into the system)
  • User rights (depending on the employee, different menu items can be displayed)
  • Purchasing (store suppliers and supplier agreements, determine requirements and generate supplier orders in the system)
  • Batch / serial numbers (especially if your articles are provided with unique numbers e.g. as chassis number)
  • Returns processing (Comprehensive system, which enables you to process all your returns easily and professionally)
  • Clients (manage several of your companies in one system)
  • Multishop (connect and manage several shops to exonn ERP system)
  • EDIFACT import / export (data import or export via EDIFACT e.g. to Otto)
  • Telephony (set up and make calls directly in the system)
  • Store and manage document and email templates
  • Manage coupon series and discounts

The exonn ERP system is quickly and easily connected to OXID eShop. To do this, you must apply for access to the system. Then install the exonn ERP Connector in your shop. Of course, a few more configurations have to be done in the system and then you can transfer all your article, order, customer data, images, shop settings (shipping costs, payment and shipping methods) into the system with a click of the mouse.

On this page you get the exonn ERP connector.

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