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  • Active since: 2013-08-23
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  • Available for: EE, PE
  • Compatibility: 4.7.x/5.0.x - 4.8.x/5.1.x
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ChannelPilot Extension CE/PE/EE 4.7.x-4.8.x

Include this plugin and use the extensive features of ChannelPilot.


ChannelPilot is a cloud-based solution used for multichannel online marketing. With the help of ChannelPilot, online shops list their products on all suitable online marketing channels, reaching millions of potential customers daily.

The following channels are supported:

  • Price comparison sites e.g. Google Shopping, Price Runner
  • Product ads e.g. Google PLA, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
  • Retargeting networks like Criteo
  • Affiliates such as Zanox, Affiliate Window
  • Third party solutions like Adobe Marketing Cloud, Marin Software
  • Bidding Engines




INCREASE YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE - Your products will automatically be listed on all suitable marketing channels, enabling you to reach millions  of online shoppers every day.

DETAILED ANALYSIS - Make use of the extensive analysis tools and suggestions for optimisation.

TOTAL CONTROL - Keep an eye on activities on each channel from one single page, and stay informed of any critical developments, for example if you exceed your CPO level.

ALL YOUR SHOPS IN ONE PLACE - Manage all your shops from one account and compare and contrast their performance.

FAST INTEGRATION - Connecting your online shop(s) to ChannelPilot is easy and works with all popular shop systems.

EASY-TO-USE - ChannelPilot offers a modern and highly intuitive user interface.

COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT - Channel Pilot Solutions’ competent support team is always available to help. We also offer webinars and coaching.

TOP SECURITY - Your information is in safe hands and is protected against unauthorised third party access by a multi-layered security system. A local deleted redundant system takes over in the case of a system error.

MARKET PRICE ANALYSIS - Keep an eye on the market. Monitor product prices and adapt your own prices easily.

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