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Bonima Score Ident

Certified extension

BONIMA Score Ident

from 650,00€

Credit reform Boniversum GmbH has developed a consumer information system that helps you in reducing your payment failures. The BONIMA score allows a credit assessment by consumers. In this case there is no specific payment information. With the score results of the credit check, you can control that offered payment. This way you limit your risk of default and offer your customer the maximum range of possible payment methods. At the beginning of any credit checks with the BONIMA score an address check is performed. The adress check examines whether the entered address is correct or not. If the address is correct, the address is confirmed. Is there any mistake, you get the correct version back. If it is unknown, we recommend you to check the address to avoid unnecessary returns or possible fraud. Regarding the credit assessment the product Bonima Score pool IDENT includes an identification.

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