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PROCLANE OCI interface

The OCI module from PROCLANE Commerce is a standard OCI interface for the OXID eShop. This allows SAP users to order from their procurement process in the online shops of connected manufacturers.

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The Open Catalog Interface (OCI) is an open and standardized catalog data interface from SAP for the exchange of catalog data records between SAP SRM (procurement system, Supplier Relationship Management) and online shops.

Buyers can use OCI to call up a normal online shop from within their SAP system, navigate as usual, select products and collect them in their shopping cart. By submitting the shopping cart, its content is transferred to an ordering process of the SRM. Purchasing is immediately posted to the SAP system.

Special functionalities of large B2B online shops, such as live price determination, availability check or quick entry, can be used without any restrictions. The architecture of the SAP OCI process is defined by SAP and follows a process that is subdivided into different subareas: A browser window is automatically opened from the SAP SRM in which the shop is called up using the stored "OCI URL" and the user is directly authenticated by passing username and password. The user can now use the shop as a product catalog as a standard shop user, place items in the shopping cart and then start the order simulation as usual. The content of the shopping cart can then be transferred to the SAP SRM system via OCI punch out.

OCI punch-out refers to the transmission of item data of the shopping cart via the OCI interface of the shop to SAP SRM. With the introduction of OCI 4.0, SAP has extended the OCI architecture with the option of no longer sending sensitive data such as user name, password etc. directly via the browser. Confidential information is exchanged bidirectionally with Secure-OCI via so-called backend calls. This prevents handover parameters from being visible in the browser address bar and makes it difficult to capture sensitive data.

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