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8select® Curated-Shopping-Engine Oxid5 PE/EE

Cross-selling solution for onlineshops to automatically generate product recommendations in terms of product-sets (e.g. outfits). Trusted by leading online retailers like Otto Group, P&C, Lodenfrey, Betty Barclay, Vaude and Popken Fashion Group.



With the Curated-Shopping-Engine-Plugin (CSE-Plugin), 8select offers a high-performance Cross-Selling solution for onlineshop platforms to automatically generate product recommendations in terms of content-based product-sets (e.g. outfits). This cross-selling approach gives customers access to your stock in a manner that is normally reserved to trained sales persons in bricks and mortar business. Additional sales caused by the CSE-Plugin are leading to 35% bigger shopping carts and up to 8% increase in turnover in average. Leading online retailers and brands like Otto Group, Peek&Cloppenburg, Betty Barclay, Vaude and Popken Fashion Group trust in our CSE solution.

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