OXID AI Personalisation option – by econda

Do you want to offer your clients the best possible customer experience? Our strong personalisation option will increase your conversions and customer loyalty by using artificial intelligence in your OXID webshop.


Do you want to speed up the rate of your business success in e-commerce? With just a few clicks you can give your customers a first-class, extensive customer experience and increase your conversion rate at the same time.

“How on earth can I do that?” you ask yourself. The secret is in the mix! With our econda OXID Plug-in you not only integrate our fantastic recommendation engine econda Cross Sell into your OXID web-shop, but also our powerful econda audience Relationship Platform as well. This is the ultimate package to actively promote your product range to your customers and target groups with relevant contextual recommendations.

Our automated real-time analyses keep you up-to-date on all important KPI’s and give you the overview you need to monitor and optimize your web-shop product range and marketing activities.

The simple interface integration is customized for your OXID web-shop and allows you to integrate and activate our powerful econda personalization option in your shop in just a few clicks.

The best bit about it: everything is 100% data protection compliant – mad and hosted in Germany.

One Plug-in – all the benefits:

  • simple Integration of econda Analytics in the OXID-interface
  • customization and integration of personalised recommendations in your OXID e-shop
  • individual product banners displayed in the shop
  • convenient Consent Management with econda Privacy Protection – collect permissions and react directly to opt-ins and opt-outs

No EULA uploaded, general EULA terms according to OXID eXchange terms and conditions apply.

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