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SIT-Import-Manager | article-, clientimport

CE-Version | Imports articledata of all tabs | imports clients and groups | free testversion



  • New manual
  • Import values are now manipulable via individual functions !
    • Absolute control over your import data:
      • Edit
      • Format 
      • Expand
      • Create dependencies
      • Calculate price markups
      • Database queries or writes depending on the Import data 
  • Article import
    • With all columns of the article table as well as variants, Attributes, manufacturers, suppliers, media data, cross-selling, accessories, Scale prices and categories 
  • Customer import
    • With all columns of the user table as well as User groups 
  • Import configurations
    • Imports are stored as configurations and can be retrieved for regular data update.
  • Update function
    • Only existing items are overwritten. 
  • Log function
    • For easy debugging within source files. 
  • Article cleanup
    • Deletes articles according to certain criteria: by import status (X-days not imported/updated), by manufacturer selection, by article status "inactive"

No EULA uploaded, general EULA terms according to OXID eXchange terms and conditions apply.

Tags: vendors, variants, scaleprices, media, manufacturers, import, groups, crossselling, clientgroups, client, categories, attributes, articles, accessories


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