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article list management

Simple creation of article lists with certain article characteristics for display in the admin area.

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Are you looking for an easy way to quickly edit certain article in the shop backend without having to search for each individual article? With our module "article list management" it is possible!

This backend module allows you to create specific article lists and display them in the administration area.For example, you could create a list of all products from the category "Shoes" that cost more than 100 euros and are from a certain brand.This gives you an ordered overview in which you can edit the article data (title, short description, attributes, etc.). The lists can be saved and recalled at a later time. All lists can also be exported as CSV files. The module is therefore also suitable for obtaining an overview of certain article groups.

But not only the administration is possible, also the supervision of your products:

In another list you can, for example, display all articles from your shop for which no article picture is stored or the price is 0 euros.Thus you can recognize faulty articles directly and act fast.

An overview of the functions of this module:

Create an overview of specific articles with specific characteristics.

Article assignment is done by simple MySQL operators.

Direct editing of the articles in the backend is possible.

The article lists can be saved.

Export to a CSV-File is possible.

It is very well suited to the overview of your products.

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