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Amazon Interface

Amazon Interface supporting article export and order import

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People think differently about Amazon - fact is, for the majority of shop owners the sale via Amazon can increase revenue in the two-digit range. The tremendous reach of the market place for many Amazon sellers has the effect like an additional turbo.

The problem: Amazon has particular requirements how products has to be positioned on their market place. For shop owners it's important - positioning a high number of products - that this can be automized. The preparation of the products in the OXID backend should be intuitive and easy. Even more important is, that orders generated with Amazon can be transfered cleanly into the OXID shop.

The solution: The Amazon interface from egate media. In our Amazon module are almost 1000 hours of development time. The interface was thoroughly tested and optimized over months in big pilot-shops. We garanty you to provide optimal support during both introduction of the interface, and also running operation.


Overview of some features

Export of articels to Amazon

  • fully automatic 'triggered' Export, incl. partial updates
  • full support of variants
  • full support of Amazon attributes
  • attribute inheritance per shop manufacturers, vendors, categories and articles
  • comfortable category-mapping
  • support of various shop price structures
  • optional fields for title, long description and search keywords
  • optional control of the export per article export flag
  • mass activation and deactivation of all articles of one manufacturer
  • extensive export report through additional requests queries to Amazon
  • transmittion of data per Amazon web-service


Import of orders from Amazon

  • fully automatic 'triggered' Import
  • synchroisation of article data and inventory numbers
  • import of 'fulfillment by Amazon' orders
  • extensive import report through additional requests queries to Amazon
  • transmittion of data per Amazon web-service

NOTE: This extension is offerered under the terms of a commercial license. The ionCube decoder is required.

If you are interested in selling via Amazon, please contact us at [email protected]


No EULA uploaded, general EULA terms according to OXID eXchange terms and conditions apply.

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