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Int. Addresscheck and Validation

Reduce wrong delivery and attempts to defraud by using the mobilemojo Address-Management-Services. They ensure correct input and capture of customer address data.


Automatic generated suggest lists are supporting customer while entering addresses, for incorrect data input suggestions for corrections are displayed, like it is famous on amazon. The mobilemojo Address-Management-Services offers the following features:

  • FirstNameCheck: First name and title check, automatic correction of upper and lower case of first and last name
  • PostCodeExpansion: Displaying of selection list containing potential cities related to inserted zip
  • CityExpansion: Displaying of selection list containing potential zip related to inserted city
  • StreetExpansion: Displaying of selection list containing street name related to valid city-zip-street-fragment-combination
  • EmailAddessCheck: Verification of email addresses on correct syntax and affiliation to top-level-domain
  • AddressCheck: Incorrect address data will be identified and proposal list for correction displayed

Billing of the Address-Management- Service will be based on the actually succeeded registrations or their changes.

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