• EE, PE 4.7.x/5.0.x-4.9.x/5.2.x ab 1.000,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • OscWare Pro Free

    OscWare Pro – The interface between enterprise resource planning systems, webshops and online marketplaces

    EE, PE 6.0.x Gratis
  • eComOxidERPTrackingPlugin

    eComOxidERPTrackingPlugin is a Plugin for the OXID ERP to set Trackingdata and send Shipping E-Mail

    EE, PE 4.0.x-4.9.x/5.2.x ab 89,00€ zzgl. USt.

    Easy integration of your trading partners in the online buying process by using the interface OXID2gax for your OXID eShop.

    PE 4.0.x-4.6.x ab 2.100,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • OXID ERP Interface

    The bi-directional interface enables data exchange between the shop and external systems (ERP, Accounting, etc.). It combines two protocol versions (SOAP / CSV) in one... mehr

    EE, PE 4.7.x-5.2.x ab 1.990,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • smxDynNAV2OXID

    Microsoft Dynamics Navision Connector.

    EE, PE 4.9.x/5.2.x ab 2.950,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • tabsl|Statistik

    Bestands- und Artikel-Statistik Modul.

    CE 4.10.x-4.7.x ab 79,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • Inventorum ERP Connect

    Integrate Inventorum and import everything with one touch.Orders are directly submitted to Inventorum and stocks get updated immidiately.

    CE 4.0.x-4.9.x ab 399,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • cateno for OXID - Community Edition

    cateno for OXID connects your OXID shop with your ERP system. Beyond the typical features like synchronization of articles, addresses and orders, the prizewinning... mehr

    CE 4.7.x-4.9.x ab 1.000,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • Speed4Trade CONNECT

    Trading online successfully. Automated. Across all Channels. Sales Backoffice for Oxid, eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, and more.

    EE, PE 4.5.x-4.7.x/5.0.x ab 4.400,00€ zzgl. USt.
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