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SEO module for creating dynamic database-supported SEO texts for manufacturers

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<h2> Search engine friendly texts on OXID manufacturer pages </h2><p>Create a placeholder text and populate the placeholders with variables that use the database to complete the text. There are several variables available for this purpose. </p><ul><li>Manufacturer name</li><li>Manufacturer Short Description</li><li>Article Name</li><li>Article Price</li><li>Article Brief description</li><li>Article Topseller Name</li><li>Article Topseller Price</li><li>Article Topseller Short Description</li><li>... list is being continually expanded.</li></ul>With this text generation option, you get a largely unique text on the manufacturer page. The manufacturer pages could be used with OXID so far only very limited for SEO. This has an end with this SEO module.

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