• Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon

    Pay with Amazon (Amazon Pay) enables you to offer your customers a seamless, fast, convenient and secure purchasing experience; so you can help lift basket conversion,... mehr

    EE, PE 4.10.x/5.3.x-5.3.x Gratis
  • cash discount per manufacturer

    With our new "manufacturer-specific cash discount" module, a rate of reduction can be specified per manufacturer.

    CE 4.7.x-4.9.x ab 99,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • FATCHIP OXID Plugin PdfBill 2 Mail

    The plugin automatically attaches the PDF invoice to the order confirmation email.

    PE 4.10.x-4.4.x ab 29,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • EXONN Subscription Module PE

    Automated order placement, customer can set order interval

    PE 4.5.x-4.9.x ab 380,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • faxorder

    print your basket

    EE, PE 4.8.x/5.1.x-4.9.x/5.2.x ab 49,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • Order Analytics

    Get a better statistic for your orders in admin backend.

    CE 4.7.x-4.8.x Gratis
  • Bestellhistorie Plus

    The extension of the order history in the "my account"-area covers reprocessing, printing and changing of orders as well as generating return receipts and reviewing... mehr

    EE, PE 4.5.x-4.9.x/5.2.x ab 249,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • RMA Manager

    Complaints or returns the customer, edit quickly and effectively.

    CE 4.7.x-4.9.x ab 430,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • softimal Admin Order Addresses

    Reflect Changes to Admin Order Addresses automatically in User Data and Delivery Addresses.

    CE 4.10.x-4.7.x ab 39,00€ zzgl. USt.
  • Paypal additional fee

    This extension provides for all methods in the shop two charges modules, which makes it possible to create various commissions and fees.

    CE 4.8.x-4.9.x ab 29,00€ zzgl. USt.
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