• Category: Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Active since: 2020-10-16
  • Vendor: tronet GmbH
  • Available for: CE
  • Compatibility: 6.2.x
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Akeneo PIM Importer for OXID eShop

Maintain your products centrally in the Akeneo PIM and import them anytime up-to-date into one or more OXID eShops.


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  • Comfortable, centralized article data maintenance in Akeneo PIM with mass processing functions, check of completeness and much more
  • Reliable playout of all categories, products, attributes and associations from the PIM to the store by a single button click or cronjob
  • Customizable even for highly individual stores thanks to support of additional fields and additional associations

General Features

  • Import of a selectable Akeneo Channel/Scope into OXID
  • Multilingual: Mapping of Akeneo Locales to languages in the OXID
  • Import of individual articles possible at any time
  • Supports the Akeneo Community Edition from version 3 and OXID CE/PE from version 6.1 (other versions and editions on request)

Article data import

  • Free mapping of Akeneo attributes to the OXID article fields
  • Extendable with individual additional fields
  • Definition of required attributes and default values possible
  • Support of all Akeneo attribute types (text, text range, number, price, single selection, multiple selection, yes/no, unit of measure and date)
  • Mapping of Akeneo image attributes to OXID article images
  • Supports the OXID SEO-History in case of changes

Attribute import

  • Selection, which Akeneo attributes are imported as OXID attributes
  • Extension of OXID attributes by attribute groups (optional)
  • Take over the sorting of the Akeneo attributes and attribute groups
  • Support of all Akeneo attribute types

Media file import

  • Mapping of Akeneo file attributes to media files (upload or link)
  • Mapping of one additional Akeneo attribute each for the description

Associations import

  • Mapping of Akeneo Associations to OXID Crossselling and Accessories
  • Extendable with additional associations

Category import

  • Import of the category tree of the selected Akeneo channel
  • Adoption of hierarchy and sorting of categories

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