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bizz shop Connector OXID

bizz shop Connector OXID

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The shop connector enables/provides for a smooth exchange of data between the New Classic and the popular web shop OXID. The shop’s stock list derives from the New Classic, and orders are automatically transferred into the New Classic.
The savings in time and money are your gain! The bizz shop connector automates the maintenance of the shop, formerly done manually, as well as the registration of shop orders in the New Classic to the greatest possible extent. These are its most important features:

-         the preparation of articles to be published in the shop happens directly in the New Classic, including pricing, categorisation and media (images, video, etc.)

-         as an additional option, information about availability of shop articles can be displayed

-         the bizz shop connector automatically uploads the articles that are to be published on to the web shop

-         conversely, the shop connector downloads data regarding clientele and customer orders from xt:Commerce and imports it in the New Classic

-         the New Classic makes the administration of your web shop simple, user-friendly and convenient. Access to the shop itself is not required. 

No EULA uploaded, general EULA terms according to OXID eXchange terms and conditions apply.

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