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  • Category: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Active since: 2016-04-26
  • Vendor: actato
  • Available for: CE, PE
  • Compatibility: 4.9.x
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actato: oxid2vtiger

actato: oxid2vtiger transmits your shop-products, -orders and -customers to your vtiger CRM.

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actato: oxid2vtiger transmits your shop-products, -orders and -customers to your vtiger CRM. 


Full Control

Change how data is synchronized, which information is actually transmitted to the CRM and change the time when to transmit. Using the log in the backend, you can see exactly what data was transmitted on which time and if it was successful or not. 



The Field-Mapping is dynamic, so if you have custom fields in your CRM, they will appear in the mapping and you can fill them with the data you need. The connector recognizes the type of field, e.g. picklist or reference and offers you the perfect tools, such as rules and a reference selector, to perfectly fit your needs. 



Receive the data from the shop directly in your CRM, right when it's created. You control what data is transmitted on which event. 



oxid2vtiger comes with a built-in task scheduler. Want your shop data transmitted on December 5th at 14:17? No problem. You can configure when orders, products or customers are transmitted. 


Intelligent conflict handling

Configure how transmit-conflicts are handled. You can choose:

  • create and don't update
  • create and always overwrite CRM-Data
  • create and on update, compare timestamps 



  • PHP 5.4 or above
  • ionCube Loader for PHP 5.4 or above

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