• OXID2CON / Professional / Enterprise Edition

    Seamless Content in your shop with OXID2CON Portal.

    EE, PE 4.5.x-5.3.x Free
  • OXID2CON Portal / Community Edition

    OXID2CON is an interface that brings content out of the content management system CONTENIDO to the OXID eShop.

    CE 4.7.x-5.3.x Free
  • Styla Content Commerce Integration

    This module will integrate your OXID Shop with Styla, the Content Commerce Suite that automatically designs your content and makes it shoppable, inspiring your... more

    EE, PE 5.3.x Free
  • Article on cms site CE

    This allows you to easily view your products on any CMS pages.

    CE 4.0.x-4.5.x from 10,00€ plus VAT
  • Article on cms site

    This allows you to easily view your products on any CMS pages.

    EE, PE 4.0.x-4.5.x from 10,00€ plus VAT
  • WebTools CMS

    The Content Management Module allows you to create content blocks for articles, categories, store (home page) and content pages.

    EE, PE 6.2.x-6.4.x from 400,00€ plus VAT

    Content goes E-Commerce: enrich your OXID eShop with a variety of new functions and attractive content for your customers

    EE, PE 4.7.x/5.0.x-5.3.x from 6.990,00€ plus VAT
  • DOIT Content

    Enables the creation of content for good landing pages. Good information = good conversion = more sales!

    EE, PE 6.2.x-6.4.x from 800,00€ plus VAT

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