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SIT Export Manager | export and evaluations

CE-Version | Export Articledata of all tabs | export Clientdata and groups | export Orders with positions | free testversion



  • New manual
  • Evaluations customers
    • Number: order frequency
    • Date: first order
    • Date: last order
    • Product: Top seller 1
    • Product: Top seller 2
    • Product: Top seller 3
    • Sales: by manufacturer
    • Sales: cut (gross)
    • Sales: cut (net)
    • Sales: Total (Gross)
    • Sales: Total (Net)
  • Evaluations Orders
    • Turnover Total (Gross)
    • Turnover Total (Net)
    • Turnover Cut (Gross)
    • Turnover Cut (Net)
    • Turnover by Manufacturer 
  • Evaluations products
    • Number: Order frequency
    • Number: Order frequency with discount
    • Number: Order quantity
    • Number: Order quantity with discount
    • Date: First order
    • Date: Last order
    • Sales: Total (gross)
    • Sales: Total (Net) 
  • Evaluations Periods
    • Total
    • in year X
    • in month X
    • from-to 
  • Export values are now manipulable via individual functions !
    • Absolute control over your export data:
      • Edit
      • Format 
      • Expand
      • Create dependencies
      • Calculate price markups
      • Database queries or writes depending on export data 
  • Article export
    • With all columns of the article table as well as variants, attributes, manufacturers, suppliers, media data, cross-selling, accessories, graduated prices and categories 
  • Customer export
    • With all columns of the user table as well as user groups 
  • Order export
    • With all columns of the order table as well as order items 
  • Export configurations
    • Exports are stored as configurations and can be retrieved for regular data update.  
  • Data feed
    • Exports can be retrieved via a feed URL. e.g. For direct integration in Google Merchant Center 
  • Partial item export
    • Restriction of export items by criteria: By item status "active", By manufacturer, By supplier, By category 
  • Partial customer export
    • Restriction of export customers by criteria: By customer status "active", By customer groups

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