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  • Category: Shop Admin
  • Active since: 2014-09-09
  • Available for: PE
  • Compatibility: 4.10.x - 4.8.x
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Assign categories to customer groups and vice versa.

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This module also runs with OXID CE.

With this module categories can be assigned to specific groups of users/customers, or vice versa the user/customer groups to the appropriate categories.

Depending on the module setting the categories for unassigned user groups are completely hidden, or only the purchase information hiding (price, inventory and shopping cart function).

If you decide to full hide the unallocated categories, then all contained items are unvisible (unless they are still in a different category, for which the user/customer has rights).

This means they are also not visible on the search or by direct link.

If no user groups are assigned to a category, so it is not visible.

No EULA uploaded, general EULA terms according to OXID eXchange terms and conditions apply.

Tags: user, unassigned, notloggedin, group, customer, category, buyable


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