• Monatsanzeige Registrierung CE

    The template that shows the months name instead of the numbers.

    CE 4.7.x Free
  • Monatsanzeige Registrierung EE

    The template that shows the months name instead of the numbers.

    EE 5.0.x Free
  • cbc-logistics Shipping Module (Connector)

    OXID extension to get direct connection to API of cbc-logistics.com. Create Shipping Labels right from your shop backend in the Orders section, if necessary, print... more

    CE 4.7.x-5.3.x from 199,00€ plus VAT
  • SIT Export Manager | export and evaluations

    CE-Version | Export Articledata of all tabs | export Clientdata and groups | export Orders with positions | free testversion

    CE 4.0.x-6.2.x Free
  • Product-Export

    With this module, the data of your shop items can be exported quickly and easily to CSV files.

    EE, PE 4.10.x-6.0.x from 299,00€ plus VAT
  • EXONN Modul-Connector PE, EE

    EXONN module connector installed new modules and the modules already installed are brought up to date.

    EE, PE 4.9.x/5.2.x Free
  • CE 4.10.x-4.7.x from 299,00€ plus VAT
  • evoEDIT for Visual CMS & Visual Editor

    Replaces the standard-editors in OXID backend with the drag & drop editor.

    EE, PE 4.10.x-6.1.x from 149,00€ plus VAT
  • Clear Cache

    Clear your shop cache easily from admin backend.

    CE 4.7.x-4.8.x Free

    Content goes E-Commerce: enrich your OXID eShop with a variety of new functions and attractive content for your customers

    EE, PE 4.7.x/5.0.x-5.3.x from 6.990,00€ plus VAT

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