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AI Automatic Related Products

AI Automatic Related Products analyzes your online store’s actual buying behavior. It generates super relevant product suggestions by applying scientific methods and artificial intelligence.


How Automatic Related Products works

The service is based on analyzing your online store’s actual purchasing behavior. Scientifically based algorithms and artificial intelligence use shopping baskets of past orders to determine which products are being purchased often and how shoppers combine them. This results in AI Automatic Related Products being able to show shoppers suggestions for related products that are super relevant to the products they look at.

Your benefits

1. Increase sales

Effective instrument for cross-selling, higher conversions and bigger basket sizes. Some of our customers were able to skyrocket sales from related products up to 10-fold with our solution.

2. Save time

No more having to sort through complex extension configuration or manually assign products for days. We do all this automatically and save online store operators a lot of time.

3. Instill trust

Our analysis strictly uses product and shopping basket data and therefore is completely GDPR compliant. No personal data whatsoever of your customers is used.

AI Automatic Related Products – Extension and SaaS solution

This extension enables the comfortable connection and administration of AI Automatic Related Products. The powerful SaaS solution by Network Insight applies modern analytics and artificial intelligence to online stores, at excellent value and with short term periods. First month is on us.

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