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Article Related Usergroups

About the module can be create articles related user groups to find out which customers have ordered a previously selected item.

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Buyer / customer after an order with items that are assigned to a user group, an assignment to the respective user groups. The assignment can be done by categories or products. Excluded items ordered in the past, the customer will be considered here.

The module products related user groups allows the shop owner uses numerous features such as a retroactive allocation of the user, setting the validity periods and an export function allows the user to send the customers targeted offers and news .

The usability of the module allows using a mapping table describes the mapping of all categories and individual items by drag & drop make. It is also possible to exclude any customer from a group by products or categories are excluded.

You have created for a desired period no items related User Group? - Among the numerous functions of the module it is also possible assignment retroactively make and export a file of the associated user.

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