• etracker web-controlling CE

    The etracker Extension gives you extensive insights on the characteristics of your customers. Only few parameters installed on the pages you want to track and you are... more

    CE 4.5.x-6.0.x from 0,00€
  • ChannelPilot Tracking-Extension CE 4.6.x-...

    Include this plugin and use the extensive features of ChannelPilot.

    CE 4.6.x-4.9.x Free
  • ChannelPilot Tracking-Extension PE/EE 4.5.x

    Include this plugin and use the extensive tracking features of the ChannelPilot.

    EE, PE 4.5.x Free
  • itembase Shop plugin

    Add your products to the itembase network. FREE traffic, backlinks, customer analytics and other features!

    EE, PE 4.7.x/5.0.x Free
  • Order Analytics

    Get a better statistic for your orders in admin backend.

    EE, PE 4.7.x/5.0.x-4.8.x/5.1.x Free
  • Extended Order Summary List

    Shows an advanced and filterable list in the order overview admin panel. Provides export functionality for pdf and csv format.

    CE 4.10.x-6.0.x from 0,00€
  • Google Analytics Remarket. Adwords TrustStore

    quick and easy integration of Google Analytics, Google Remarketing, Google Adwords and Google Trust Store

    CE 4.10.x-6.1.x Free

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