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Paymill Creditcard Payment Method

Paymill module for OXID eShop 4


Paymill extension for Oxid (Version 4.6.x). Tested on Community Edition. Supports Azure template.

Activate Paymill Payment

After installation you have a new payment method Kreditkartenzahlung. To activate Paymill payment follow these steps:

  • In the main menu go to Shopeinstellungen > Zahlungsarten
  • Choose Kreditkartenzahlung
  • Click on Benutzergruppen zuordnen and assign the right user groups
  • Go to tab Länder, click on Länder zuordnen, and assign the right countries
  • In the main menu goto Shopeinstellungen > Versandarten
  • Choose a shipping type (e.g. Standard) and go to tab Zahlungsarten
  • Click on Zahlungsarten zuordnen and assign Kreditkartenzahlung
  • Repeat last 2 steps for other shipping types

Support for other templates than Azure

Adapt the template structure within the out/azure diretory to your custom theme.

Download EULA

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