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Komfortkasse CE

Automatic payment matching for payments via bank transfer (prepayment, invoice, cash on delivery) (CE edition)


Komfortkasse retrieves bank transfers from a bank account and automatically assignes them to unpaid orders. The assignment is done automatically in the background and is fault-tolerant, i.e. an order can still be assigned if the name does not match, the order number is not specified or the amount differs.In addition, automatic payment reminders can be sent and refunds can be performed directly.This extension provides the interface for the Komfortkasse online service, registration on komfortkasse.eu is required (free package available). You even don't need a bank account, you can use Komfortkasse's omnibus accounts, available in different currencies and countries.


  • fault-tolerant assignment of bank transfers
  • updates your order's payment status
  • customizable e-mail notifications
  • one-click refund
  • manage payments and orders
  • keep payments forever
  • automatic refund when paid too much
  • reminder when not paid or paid too little
  • automatic cancellation when still not paid
  • balance withdrawal


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Tags: sepa, prepayment, invoice, cod, bank transfer, advance payment


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