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  • Category: Payment
  • Active since: 2012-03-12
  • Vendor: Skrill
  • Available for: EE, PE
  • Compatibility: 4.0.x - 5.2.x
  • Certified extension
  • 0 Customer reviews

4OXID2Skrill - Quick Checkout Enterprise

Certified extension

The Skrill extension offers multiple local acquiring card solutions, high flexibility and adaptation. A highly detailed reporting backend provides the ability to accept online and Mail Order Telephone Order payments for optimised conversion rates.


This is our white-label payment processing solution for global businesses that need multiple local acquiring card solutions. Over 100 processing currencies and a highly detailed reporting backend provide the ability to accept online and virtual terminal payments for optimised conversion rates. Highly adaptable, it offers over 100 local payment options, XML-Integration, recurring billing and authorisation & capture.

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Tags: xml integration, virtual terminal, skrill, sales increase, recurring billing, psp, payment interface, pay options, moto, methods of pay, authorization and capture


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