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  • Category: Order Management
  • Active since: 2012-12-03
  • Vendor: EXONN UG
  • Available for: CE
  • Compatibility: 4.5.x - 4.9.x
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Automated order placement, customer can set order interval

from 380,00€

EXONN Subscription Module CE

By EXONN standing order module, your customers get the items they want and regularly supplied in the user-defined interval. Before each shipment, an email notification is sent to your customer. The subscription can be canceled or changed at any time. Discounts can be given. The module offers your customers the option of determining the order interval. This interval will trigger the order automatically.

This is a great benefit for customers who regularly require your products and for you as a shop operator, too, because in this way you can bind your clients more closely to their business.

In addition, you can offer as a shop operator, your customers a discount for completion of a subscription. You can easily add the discount in your admin area.

  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Provides planning security
  • No more lost revenue because a customer quickly buys in the store around the corner.
  •  Overview about the upcoming subscription directly in the admin area


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